To Live and Fear Dying in LA

I’m hypersensitive to any instance when a man’s negative behavior impacts my own. I’ve tirelessly complained on my socials about having to avoid construction sites on morning runs in my neighborhood to avoid being catcalled. I’ve also tried that social experiment where I don’t move out of the way for men on crowded sidewalks and I will repeatedly run into them.

Stepping out of the way to avoid being touched is, on a basic level, self defense. I shouldn’t have to defend myself on a daily basis just because I am a woman. Continue reading

Lemons lol

25 Sitting on 25 Bills

Remember, like, a month ago when I said I’d be blogging here more often? Yeah, me neither.

I realized that I’m the most inspired to write when I’m upset. My best posts are borne out of sadness or frustration or anger. And I haven’t truly felt those emotions in a long time (despite what you might think from my frequent hate-tweets).

The last time I wrote a really great collection of stories two years ago, I was very close to depressed, I felt stuck in a bad situation, and I felt like every terrible thing that could happen to me, did. Now in LA, my life is nowhere near put together, but this time I don’t feel hopeless. Continue reading

city lights

OMG it’s Me

Once upon a time, I was a blogger. If you’re reading this, you’re probably a super supportive friend of mine who clicked on the link from Facebook or Twitter. I doubt I have a following outside of those social outlets anymore, since my personal blog slowly lost momentum due to my neglectful posting habits and then basically blacked out completely around a year ago. But at one time, ohmygoditskat.com was poppin’. Continue reading